YouTube for Visually Impaired

My latest research took me to YouTube. I was impressed that there are YouTube video’s about visual impairment. Here’s a sample I found interesting

IBM Technology Assists Visually Impaired Internet Users

Web Accessibility – through the eye’s of a screen reader

Good and Bad Screen Reading


2 Responses to YouTube for Visually Impaired

  1. slger says:

    Keep up the good research on disabilities.

    On Youtube, look for several on Headings as in sections of web pages, postings, etc. just like good writing style. These headings make a world of difference for those of us using screen readers.

    My blog has complaints, analyses, and praise for many assistive tools, websites, and organizations. I’d welcome comments and will check back here soon.


  2. Warung Pasta says:

    When I was looking around on how to teach wordpress to people with visual impairment, I came across at your blog. Although, your blog is very informative, but I was wondering if you can post on how to teach people with visual impairment to blog.

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