Audio Book Reader for Students

While I’ve been researching information to build a website that is accessible for people with visual impairment, I found an article on a new device that was made for students of higher learning.

Only released last week in India, it was invented as there are not many books or resources  available to the blind for higher education. Here is an article about the Audio Book Reader.

I knew there were audio books available, and I was very interested to find that there are thousands available, but of course they would be best sellers, not educational.  You can become a member at and download audio books.


2 Responses to Audio Book Reader for Students

  1. Sarah Allan says:

    What a fascinating discovery Fiona – this has the potential to open up higher education to so many people who never had access to it before. All it needs now is a good marketer to get the word out. Congratulations on your research!

  2. spiritualbookreviews says:

    It’s interesting researching and finding that there are a lot of innovations out there for people with special needs.
    Thanks for your encouragement. It’s nice to have some comradery in our class. I look forward to seeing other posts from the class on bling.

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