Web Support for the Visually Impaired

Welcome to Web Support for People with Visual Impairment.

I am a student of Web Design and this blog is part of an assessment for Accessibility of Websites for People with Special Needs.

I have chosen to focus my research on helping people with visual impairments to access the internet. Ironically my husband and I sell secondhand books, so when we had to choose a disability to research, immediately I thought of people that are have difficulty reading books.
Did you know that 10% of the population have a disability?

This assessment has come just as I have recovered from a bad fall where I fractured my sacrum and was temporarily physically disabled from pain. The experience made me grateful just to be able to walk. We don’t realise what it’s like for people with disabilities when we are able to function fully.

This blog is going to be regularly updated with web related support and information that I have found to help people with visual impairments.

I will be designing a website with accessibility for visual impairments ranging from colour blindness to diminishing vision, and the first research I will be doing is defining What is accessibility?

I found a site that sells Colour Dificient Vision charts for Web Designers and a very good site that explains Effective Colour Contrast

I have also added a link on the right hand side under Visual Disabilities to a useful site explaining the different types of visual impairments.


3 Responses to Web Support for the Visually Impaired

  1. Albuquerque Web Site Designer says:

    Web design in a very important part of a company website as it is a part of business you have on the World Wide Web……..So it is important to choose a good web designing company………

  2. yaninayoga says:

    Wow! you certainly have a knack for searching & finding useful,readable & understandable information! I have add both the colour contrast links to my favourites list

  3. spiritualbookreviews says:

    Thanks for that Yanina, I’ve really only just started, but it’s certainly interesting what you can find on the net. We have the whole world at our finger tips these days, and disabled people should have the same access.

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